Sheet Metal Bending

The machines we sell for bending sheet metal are CNC Folders from RAS Reinhardt of Germany.

We specialise in machines for folding sheet metal from 0.5 to 6mm thick, and up to 4m in length. The ‘Folding System’ gives exceptional accuracy and repeatability as well as reducing operator input & physical workload in handling the parts compared to press brakes.

The machines range from the RAS TURBObend for light gauge straight bending applications, eg. roofing, heating & ventilating etc, through to the amazing RAS Multibend Centre and RAS Minibend Centre for complex large panels and small part mass production respectively.

We also sell sheet metal Bending Rolls from both Nosstec of Sweden and Prinzing Maschinenbau of Germany. These range from small hand powered bench rolls through to 4 roll CNC machines of up to 3m length.

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