Specialist designers & suppliers of hydraulic tube & pipe end forming machines, based in Gahwil near Zurich, Switzerland.

Tubex tube & pipe end formingTheir products include:

  • Tubex simple to use hydraulic tube expander with capacities from 60mm dia. Upwards and thickness of 4mm depending on material. Used extensively in HVAC, automotive and aeronautical industry.
  • Tubex-IO improved version of above with inner and outer tools, allowing for both expansion and reduction as well as precise forming of shapes.
  • Tubin equivalent to Tubex but reduces instead of expands. Capacities from 20 to 140mm dia. and up to 4mm thickness depending on material.
  • Tubimatic especially designed for end forming small tubes 10-70mm dia. and thicknesses up to 8mm. Used extensively in Automotive industry.
  • Wecomatic–IO top of the range, powerful machine for larger & heavier pipe end forming.
  • Tubiroll for the automatic rotary forming of multiple profiles on the end of light gauge tubes, eg. For the HVAC industry

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